Assessment of needs and technical requirements in preparation for future storms.
Meeting with clients to plan for storm responses.
Training sessions to discuss and plan for future storms and disasters.

As a service to our customers, Storm Services offers a pre-disaster assessment of your company’s restoration plan. This service includes visits to your company to:

  1. Educate personnel on the preferred practices to expedite damage evaluation.
  2. Designate ideal staging areas, site layout, and map development.
  3. Determine manpower needs.
  4. Establish the use of remote materials sites.
  5. Assist with overall pre-storm preparations.

Our team is able to develop or upgrade disaster restoration plans, using our vast knowledge and experience in the field. We can assist in the selection and establishment of staging, logistical, and remote material sites. Storm Services can create maps and site layouts, as well as determine the amount of manpower it will take to support these sites. Should the need arise, our company is equipped to manage the entire process in order to expedite restoration.