Damage assessor in the field after a storm.
Damage assessor overlooks hurricane damage.
Damage assessor in the field.

Our management team understands the importance of having qualified personnel readily available for prompt and accurate assessment. Storm Services utilizes two-man assessment teams comprised of an assessor and assistant assessor. Each assessor has substantial restoration experience and most have at least twenty-five years of distribution experience.

Storm Services is highly qualified to offer additional post storm services. Many of our pre-evaluated assessors have completed specified training, such as switching. Some have experience in designer work at major utility companies.


Line crews repair damage after a hurricane.
Line crews at work.
Line crews setting a replacement utility pole.

Storm Services has safety-oriented line crews with experience in storm restoration. Our safety specialists conduct periodic on-site evaluations to ensure the crews make safety and compliance regulations a priority. Our dependable line crew management team ensures safety and efficiency, while providing prompt reporting of daily time and activities.


Tree trimming crews clear lines after a storm.
Tree trimming crews prepare downed trees to be removed.
Tree trimming crews working to clear a roadway.

Storm Services provides tree trimming crews with restoration experience under the direction of qualified personnel, including line clearing supervision. Our tree trimming management teams include foresters with years of restoration experience on many of the electric utility systems in the United States.  While providing prompt reporting of daily time and activities, this management team also makes safety and efficiency a priority.


Storm Service has partnered with some of the top line construction and tree trimming companies in the country. Each of them has the best safety record, safety training, equipment, and tools that are kept ready for any storm.  We are always in touch with our partners and visit with them often, sharing information, and making sure we are always ready for the next disaster. Together we have worked from the Northeast to the Florida Keys, and everywhere in between, always being invited back, if needed. Storm Services can assist any utility company in storm restoration.


Our line crew supervision has a combined 120 years of experience in line construction, storm restoration, and safety knowledge.  Along with our construction partners, the quality and productivity of our crews has been praised by the utilities that we have helped. One of our Storm Services supervisors will be your contact and be with our crews at all times. 


Storm Services conducts visits with all of our partners during the year to insure all equipment, men, and women are adhering to all compliance, OSHA, and DOT rules. We also make sure all equipment is in good working order, and all rubber goods, sticks, and grounds are tested. All of our partners have an EMR of less than 1. We work with our construction partners on every storm, starting with a safety meeting every morning and ending with dinner at night. Our team members are like our family and we treat them that way. We encourage teamwork and require respect of all personnel to team members, clients, and their customers.


Treating customers of the client with respect and courteous behavior, along with respect for the customer's property, is required by all Storm Services personnel and partners.  We take pride in doing that and have been commended by our clients for doing so.


Storm Services provides experienced storeroom personnel to assist with the heavy burden of stocking and delivering material during a restoration event. Our personnel include certified forklift operators and storeroom assistants. These team members are equipped with pickup trucks or cargo vans to assist with hauling material to your job sites. We also have veteran storeroom managers that have the required skills to set up remote field store operations.


Recovery of transmission materials.
Material recovery worker
Transmission/distribution materials being recovered.

Storm Services provides the personnel and equipment necessary for the cleanup of debris that is left behind from damaged and destroyed poles, conductors, and transformers. Our team has the knowledge to distinguish between electric utility debris and CATV/telephone debris.