Storm Services training is available on a variety of topics.
Storm Services holds annual Base Camp Exercise at our York Location.
Classes are available for pre, post, and during event management.

Storm Services offers an authentic approach to training and development. Our approach is for the leader, the individual, and the organization.


Storm Services will consult and hold training at our facility or your offices.
Available training includes first aid and accident prevention.

PURPOSE AND STRUCTURE: The very structure of monthly “The Huddle Project” meetings promote a stronger team that has stronger communication processes, improved alignment of tasks to the vision of the company, greater engagement, and a strengthening of relationships within the organization. Our coach’s role is to coach your leaders to greater growth and encourage them to take ownership so that they can provide greater impact and influence in the lives of those they lead.

WHY: We want to give your leaders an opportunity to step away from the processes and be about the vision for the future. We want to provide them with a place to share their ideas, hear from their peers, work through challenges, and grow their leadership. As individuals who have been entrusted with leadership, this time will be invaluable to them. It will give them time to focus on what it means to lead well and create a common language with their peers.

WHEN: Once a month for 12 months.

WHAT: The first “Huddle Project” will focus on building a culture of servant leadership. This will set the foundation and attitude of Huddles that will follow.

The leaders will meet in a large huddle to learn and discuss innovative ways to lead and brainstorm on new ideas for the future. We will then break down into smaller huddles for greater collaboration and feedback. This will be a fast-paced, high energy idea and communication forum.


Classes are available for pre, post, and during event management.

Storm Services offers consulting services that would benefit your company during a crisis, as well as in the everyday workplace. We believe that we offer a fresh perspective to emergency practices and procedures. Our team will work to develop an emergency plan, or propose improvements to your current plan.

Our first step will be to conduct a needs assessment, evaluating the strengths and weakness of any current plans. Our team will help facilitate tabletop discussions, opening up the lines of communication between your team members. After this, we will develop an emergency plan for your company.

Following the development of an emergency plan, Storm Services offers training on this plan to your team members. These training seminars can take place on site at your place of business or at our offices in York, Alabama. If you choose, a fully operational base camp can be set up, allowing your team members to experience first hand what an emergency situation would feel like.


Classes are available for pre, post, and during event management.

Each year, Storm Services hosts a training exercise at our facility in York, Alabama. During this time, our team is trained on the set up and the tear down of equipment, as well as other crucial skills that contribute to the success of our company.